Sanbe Sightseeing Chair Lift

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Anyone can climb Mount Sanbe! Even if you're with little kids or have mobility issues, you can take a chair lift nearly to the summit. The ride is 860 meters in length so you can really enjoy both the ride and the view! The altitude at the top is 255 meters. It feels like walking in sky. There is also an observation platform located on the Taihei Summit (太平山) uphill on foot in five minutes from the end of the chair lift.

The lift is at the East Field of Mount Sanbe. It takes 10 minutes to the top. A word of warning: there is a safety bar but no seatbelts on the lifts and, although there are nets at the higher points, if you are travelling with squirmy children keep a good hold on them! Also if you drop your phone or sunglasses etc. from the lift, it's a long walk down to get your stuff.

If you want to climb more, you can reach other peaks more easily from the chair lift.

Ko-Sanbe Summit (子三瓶山)

75 minutes

Jo-Sanbe Summit (女三瓶山)

20 minutes

Dan-Sanbe Summit (男三瓶山)

80 minutes

Shitsuno Pond (室の池)

20 minutes


video from the chair lift

video from the Taihei  Summit (太平山) uphill

< Information >

TEL: 0854-83-2020 (in Japanese only)

Address: It takes 40 minutes by car or taxi from Oda City Station.


1640-2 Sanbechoshigaku, Ohda, Shimane

( 島根県大田市三瓶町志学1640-2 )

Open: 08:30~16:50, April to November, except Tuesdays

(The last trip up the mountain is at 16:30. The last trip down is at 16:50.)

Closed: Tuesdays all year, and from December to March



Round trip



670 yen

460 yen


460 yen

310 yen

Please buy a ticket from the ticket-vending machine in front of the chair lift.

Prices correct as of June 2016


Free parking area: In front of the chair lift

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