Minoji Yashiki (Farmhouse)


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Minoji Yashiki is a restored farmhouse on Route 191 on the way out of Hikimi, towards Hiroshima.  There are several out-buildings in the complex, originally storage rooms. which nowadays display old agricultural tools, dishes, clothes, and dolls, the remnants of everyday life from previous centuries.

 The main house has an impressive thatched roof. It originally belonged to the head of the village. The household altar is spectacular; you’ll soon realize that this is no ordinary family home. You may also enjoy the antique toilet and old-fashioned bath and kitchen.

When we visited, there was a chrysanthemum display too.

Minoziyashiki flourished  thanks to the iron-making industry in the Middle Ages. It was renovated in 1855 and again more recently when it was opened to the public.

They also serve traditional food several times a month but this has to be reserved in advance. If you make a reservation, you can eat vegetarian food in lacquer bowls which were made about 250 years ago.  These events are very popular so you need to reserve early.


Access : about 45 minutes by car from JR Sanin main line, Masuda StationAddress:  698-1201  i50, mitikawa, Hikimi-cho, Masuda-city, Simane
Tel: 0856-58-0250 ( Japanese only)
Opening time:  9:00~16:00
Holidays: Monday, the day following national holidays, Winter -December 29~Feburary 28
Parking area :There is a large car park opposite the house (free)
Admission fee: free




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