About us

We are students at the Faculty of Policy Studies, University of Shimane in western Japan. Shimane is a rural prefecture, geographically remote from the larger cities, cut off from the nearest major city of Hiroshima by the Chugoku mountain range. Consequently Shimane has retained many of the unique traditions and architecture of ancient Japan. Overseas visitors are few and those who do make it here are puzzled by the lack of English information about the area.

In our seminar class,  we are creating a guidebook to this region. Once a month we get into the university’s old minibus and drive around the countryside, researching the best places in the Iwami region for you. We hope that this site will be useful for overseas visitors and newcomers to Shimane.

Like us on Facebook, please! We’re also on Instagram. Please contact us via Facebook if you are looking for information about Shimane. We’ll do our best to help you.

Best Wishes from Kane Seminar 2018-2021 Isamu, Kana, Kasumi, Manami, Mao, Marin, Masafumi, Moeno, Sae, Shimon, Takahiro, Yushiro, Yuumi.

And 2014 -2017: Chiaki, Eri, Hitomi, Honoka, Ka Etsu, Narumi, Nori, Rumi, Ruri, Shiho, Tomomi, Yui.

And 2010-2013: Takuya, Tomoharu, Yuki, Hiro, Natsuki, Aiko, Shota, Nobu,  Kaori, and Emi.