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33 temple pilgrimage Check out the video of our day trip to 7 of the 33 temples on the Iwami Silver Mine Kanon 33 temple pilgrimage. Many t...(read more)
Half day trip in Tsuwano
Half day trip in Tsuwano Minoya is good place to have lunch. It takes only a few minutes from Tsuwano station. After that, how about going to Tsu...(read more)
Hamada “three lucky things” course This course starts off at Tatamigaura, rock pools full of little creatures. It's a great way to spend an hour or s...(read more)
Day trip to Misumi in Hamada (park, shrine, temple, gallery, gelato) Misumi is a little fishing village about 30 minutes down the coast from central Hamada. One of the first signs of Spring...(read more)
A half-day trip in Hamada and Gotsu
A half-day trip in Hamada and Gotsu At lunch time, go to the view line, a restaurant of the University of Shamane. After eating good luch, you can go to the...(read more)
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Day trip in Tsuwano Chikufu-ken,a Japanese-style confection store is good place tomake your own “Genji Maki” a type ...(read more)
Skiing in Hamada In winter, you can enjoyskiing from morning to evening. Then going to a hot spring in Kanagi, Hamada City. Relax a...(read more)
Summer’s day plan in Gotsu A veryhot day in summer,go to the sea first. Then go to a hot spring inArihuku. Itta...(read more)
Half day trip in Hamada If you take a bus from Hamada station, you can go 'Hamada Children's Museum. You can enjoy many kinds of a...(read more)
Day trip in Ohnan Nice day out in Ohnan, starting with lunch at Kyouraya, go to the Seishounen-Ryokoumura. There is a pool with water slid...(read more)
Half day trip in Masuda In Masuda, there are good places to refresh. First, if you take a bus from Masuda station, you can go 'Manyo Park...(read more)
Half-day trip to Hamada (aquarium, restaurant, beach) In Hamada, there is a place that we can enjoy a lot even ifyou don't have much time. This is a good half-day t...(read more)