Half day trip in Masuda


In Masuda, there are good places to refresh. First, if you take a bus from Masuda station, you can go 'Manyo Park' and 'Banryuko'. In Manyo park, you can walk around and enjoy the scenery. In addition, In Banryuko, you can enjoy boating an the lake and feed carps. You can eat lunch or dinner at 'Cafe Fadette.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cafe6

(Written by Ruri)

Manyo Park

This park is called Manyo Park. Hitomaro Kakinomoto (柿本人麻呂) who is famous poet around 700 A.D. wrote many poems and these are based on the oldest collection of poet, The Anthology of Myriad (万葉集). Masuda city is associated with him and this park has some places where you can learn about the history of the time. Also you can enjoy walking around the park and to take a lunch. Many people come and talk with people of all ages.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5


① Kakimoto shrine~柿本神社∼
This shrine was built to enshrine Hitomaro Kakinomoto (柿本人麻呂). He is a one of the great poet from the end of 7th to the beginning of the 8th century. He wrote many poems in a collection of a Myriad Leaves.
Shrine & Figure of Hitomaro Kakinomoto The figure of Hitomaro Kakinomoto

② Japanese style open-air concert hall ~和風野外音楽堂~
This place is used for play of local entertainment such as Iwami Kagura which is famous on Iwami area in Shimane. You need charge for using.
From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#162
③ Manyo botanical garden~万葉植物園~
Some plants and flowers which appear in a collection of a Myriad Leaves are planted along with board of the poet in this garden. So you can learn about poet of Myriad Leaves while you taking a sauntering walk. And you can see a beautiful dance of firefly from June to July.

④ A park of water and blue sky ~水と青空の広場~
This place is blessed with natural resources and stone steps. There are a shady bower and water wheel. You can spend great time relaxing with cherry blossoms in April. Also many people come to see about 60 colorful carp streamers from late April to late May. In Japan, there is a custom in spring to put up carp streamers to wish for children’s growth. Why don’t you come and wish with carp streamers for children.

Above left picture is from:  http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#172

⑤ Peace of relief ~やすらぎの家~
When you get tired from walking around and you want a break, would you like some snacks or green powdered tea? You can enjoy eating snacks and the view while sitting on the verandah. Some events are held at this place and you can borrow this space for a fee.

Open: 10:00am ~ 16:00pm

Close: December 29 ~ January 3
Rent of place: only students or children : 240yen

Other : 490yen

⑥ Park of stone ~石の広場~ It was said that people had a faith of stone in Manyo era. There are some poems which are written about stone faith of the time. You will feel the tranquil atmosphere created by stone and nature. There is a stone monument with poetry of stone in this place. In the fall, you can also enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves here.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#168

⑦Children’s playground ~子供の広場~
Children enjoy playing with play equipments more than 15 here.


Tunnel of tire, suspension-bridge of rope, log bridge, Net-climbing Etc: monkey bars.

Net-climbing is the latest one and it’s kind of a jungle gym of rope.

You can also enjoy the nice view of Japan Sea from here.

*there are some equipment can’t be used because of antiquated equipment.
It expects to be increased from now.

⑧Garden of Mahoroba~まほろばの園~
In this place, you can see the beautiful view of azaleas.
Hope you enjoy this lovely view of colorful azaleas.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=15

⑨Hitomaro observation field~人麻呂展望広場~

This place was made and based on the view such as river or mountain where Hitomaro traveled. There are some stone monuments inscribed with the poem that was made by Hitomaro. From this place, You can see the splendid view of ocean and Masuda city.
The rising sun is a famous from this place among cameramen.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#182

⑩Field of sunshine~太陽の広場~
There is the 2.4-hectare field of grass. You can enjoy seeing the flowerbed of Japanese wisteria. These are placed for 200 meter along the sidewalk.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#176

⑪Fureai no Maki~ふれあいの牧~
You can enjoy some activity in the nature such as walking, insect collecting, bird-watching.

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#178

⑫Auto-camping place~オートキャンプ場~

In this park, there are some areas where you can have a camp.

If you want to have a camp in this park, you need to make a reservation.

Tel: 0856-22-2133

Am 8:30 ~ pm 5:30

From: http://ohata.jp/manyou/index.php?id=5#186


If you come by the car...

(From Hamada)・・・You will get off the Hamada Intrerchange from Hamada expressway and it takes about 50 minutes through the route nine. then you will change to the route 191 and you will arrive at the main entrance about 5 minutes from the gate of Hagi ・Iwami airport.

(From Tsuwano)・・・You will change from route 9 to route 191, then you will go to the main entrance from Hagi・Iwami airport.

(From Yamaguchi or Hagi)・・・You can come direct through the route 191 to the main entrance from Hagi・Iwami airport.

(From the Masuda road)・・・ You will get off the Takatsu Interchange and you will change to the route 191, then you will go to the main entrance from Hagi・Iwami airport.

If you come by the train or bus...                                                                                                    (By the train) You can use Yamaguchi line or Sanin line. You will get off the Masuda Station

(By bus) You will use the Iwami Kotsu bus and you will get on the Hitomaro line (人麿ライン), then you will get off the Matsugaoka.(松ヶ丘) It takes about 5 minutes from this bus stop.

~Control center~ 管理センター

Am8:30 ~ pm 5:30
Close: From December 29 to January 3

~Parking space~ 駐車場
Standard-sized car: about 300
Big-size car: 8
The space for a person with a disability: 12

Takazu town イ 2402-1, Masuda town, Shimane prefecture.

Website (Japanese)


Lake Banryu

If you want an active day out, look no further than Takatsu town in Masuda city. There is a lake there called Lake Banryu where you can enjoy boating, feeding carp, or having a stroll.  Lake Banryu is a part of  a Prefectural Nature Park.  In the park, there is also Kakinomoto shrine, Park Manyo, and Manyo botanical garden.  Local people enjoy walking around there through four seasons.  Flowers bloom in spring, and in Autumn, leaves change the beautiful color.




At lake Banryu, you can enjoy boating on the lake.  There are two kinds of boats: one is a pedal boat (for two people) and the other is a rowboat (for three people).  Pedal boats (there are two types) cost 1000 yen for 20 minutes in the dinosaur-shaped ones, and the plainer type costs 600 yen for 20 minutes. (Overtime will cost 300 yen for every 10 minutes so make sure you watch your time.)  Rowboats cost 500 yen for 30 minutes, (Overtime will cost 100 yen for every 10 mins.)  This is a great day out with children or on a date. The boats are available on weekdays but you won't be allowed to rent one during high winds.

You can also enjoy fishing at the lake (600 yen for an hour.), or feeding carp in the lake.  There is a café ‘Tokoen’ at the edge of a lake where you can have coffee while enjoying  the scenery.

Tel : 0856-22-7120 (Japanese only)

HP :http://www.pref.shimane.lg.jp/environment/nature/shizen/shimane/shimane_kouen/kenritu-shizen-koen/banryuko/index.html.r (japanese website but you can see some nice pictures of the park)







by Natsuki

Cafe Fadette

Café Fadette


Near Masuda station, you can find a cool restaurant called Café Fadette. Inside the building, there is a restaurant with a nice atmosphere and the other half is a clothing store. At the restaurant, the lunch menu is really good. There is a daily special menu so if you can’t decide what you want to eat, you should try that. You can enjoy the different flavors of seasonal ingredients.

There is also a Japanese-style garden with a tea ceremony room which was built recently. Here are some pictures. The inside of the building, is western style but if you go outside, it’s so Japanese style. You can enjoy both atmospheres in one place.

This is a tea-ceremony room and the garden.





The address:〒698-0024  25-13 Ekimae-cho, Masuda-shi, Shimane-ken.

Important Information :
Opening hours… (Tuesday to Thursday) From 11:30AM to 10PM, (Friday and Saturday) From 11:30AM to 11pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
Tel. (0856)-22-0886

It takes about 2 or 3 minutes from Masuda station on foot.
You can look a map here!!

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