Day trip in Ohnan


Nice day out in Ohnan, starting with lunch at Kyouraya, go to the Seishounen-Ryokoumura. There is a pool with water slides, a place for rock climbing, and camping area you can play with kids. After playing there, go to a hot spring called Kiri-no-yu. You can have a relaxing time there.

(Written by Narumi)

Jomon Village



















Finding Jomon Mura is a little bit difficult, but well worth the effort. Use the video at the bottom of this page to get an idea of how to drive to the restaurant from the Iwami/Mizuho exit of the Hamada highway.

Jomon Mura is an organic restaurant. You can enjoy delicious dishes.  The foods which are served are from the local area. It is a buffet style restaurant, so you can eat a variety of different dishes. The foods change with the season.


This picture shows the view from the restaurant. You can chose to eat outside or inside but in the Winter the outdoor area may be covered in snow!


This building and furniture look old , but these are all new things. To look like old things, these are processed. Because of this, the building and furniture suit the landscape.

The owner said,  " Recently, it's difficult to eat traditional dishes, I think. But traditional dishes are not only good for our health but also delicious dishes. I want many people to try traditional Iwami dishes. So, my father and I opened this restaurant. "

Many of the dishes are vegetarian but there are some meat products so vegetarians and vegans would be advised to check with the  staff, who speak English. Sometimes " Botan - nabe ( 牡丹鍋 ) " or wild boar meat stew is served.

This video shows how to reach Jomon Mura from the highway.


〒696 - 0103    Yakami, Ohnancho, Ohnangun, Shimane

TEL : 0855 - 95 - 1341     FAX : 0855 - 95 - 1341      E - mail :

Be warned: this restaurant is very popular on weekends and national holidays. Make a reservation!

European Herb Garden

 In Koboku no mori, there is an herb garden. Depending on the season, you can enjoy different kinds of herbs.

 This garden has four parts: rock garden, thyme garden, classical garden and a knot garden. There are about 240 kinds of herbs here. Late May to June is the best season to visit. In the rock garden, you can see flowers among the rocks. And there is an old tree called a hackberry, which grew long before this garden was landscaped. You can rest on the bench under the tree. In the thyme garden, you can enjoy the scent and sight of thyme. The best season is June. You can see all the thyme flowers in bloom and many bees come to get honey from the thyme flower. The Classic garden is like a garden you might see at a European castle. So there are European statues surrounded by Roman Chamomiles and other seasonal flowers. The Knot garden is a flower bed surrounded by bushes. In June you can enjoy lavender flowers and lavender cottons.

 Beside the gardens, there is a river and a park. You can rest under the tree,  walk around, have lunch and so on. From the middle of May to October, you can enjoy picking your own herbs for herb tea. You can also enjoy picking blueberries, lavenders and so on. The rules on what is ok to pick are different each year. Please check it  here.

Next to the gardens, there is a greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse, you can buy lots of kinds of herb seedling. Each type of herb has a name plate and an explanation on how to raise it and how to cook with it and so on.

If you go straight down the path next to the herb greenhouse and down the slope, and you will see a little garden and a greenhouse. In this green house, you can enjoy 36 kinds of roses and some other flowers.

Next to the rose green house, there are vegetable gardens and flower gardens. The flower garden has 6 parts and is laid out so everyone can enjoy. One is for elderly people, another is for children, the others are for  people with restricted mobility and so on.

The flowers and events you can enjoy are different from season to season so please check the HP. And there are lots of attractive places near here. You can check information for other local places from our blog.

European Herb Garden


Green house

Business time: 10am~5pm

Holiday: Tuesday

(by Yuki)

Kiri no Yu -Hot spring-

Iwami Onsen hot spring – Kiri no Yu – Shimane prefecture Ochi county Onan town Yakami 8532 – 2 0855 - 95 - 3505 (Japanese only) Open: 10 am ~ 9 pm 5 minutes walk from the Craft House will take you to an excellent hot spring. This onsen is on a high hill, so visitors can enjoy beautiful, scenic views. This hot spring is a little bit different from others. You buy your ticket on the first floor and then go upstairs to take a bath. (Of course people can take an elevator to the second floor.) A member of staff who sits by the vending machine will tell you which herb you can enjoy in your bath water. Moreover, many souvenirs from the Onan area are sold here. There are two indoor baths and three outdoor baths. All three of the outdoor ones are medicated baths. Natural medicinal plants float in a bag in the bath water. You can pick leaves out of the water and rub them into your skin. I enjoyed a bath with apple mint, arrowroot (Kuzu) and spicebush (Kuromoji) during my visit. They smelled good, so I became really relaxed. I’m sure you will get rid of stress by trying this onsen. The bath herbs are changed every month, so you can enjoy a different, relaxing experience each month you visit. Some people love to sit and relax in a really hot room. I recommend that these people try the sauna. The sign board says that the stones in this sauna are from Yunotsu town, along the sea of Japan coast. After enjoying the onsen, many people lay down on tatami mats and rest in the lounge . Vending machines for soft drinks and ice cream are available. Customers can go back and forth between the baths and the lounge. by  Takuya.I

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