Basketball BAR 「Roukyusakaba kaki」

In the mountains of Iwami region, you can find Roukyūsakaba kākī, a sports bar,  popular in particular with basketball fans. Of course, you can enjoy any sports, in addition to basketball with a variety of drinks. It is located about 1 minute on foot from Yakami bus station  in Ohnan town. This bar was started in 2017 by Kazuki Hinohara, a man who loves basketball. He's not only  a basketball player  and  a coach but also the owner of this basketball bar. He is called "Kākī"as a term of endearment. Kaki is easy to get along with and a great conversationalist. You can bring your own food to this bar, too. The average of budget  here is 2,000~3,000 yen. I really recommend it to visitors who like sports because it's a very unusual bar.


Opening days: weekend, Fridays (alternate week), weekdays (requires a reservation)

Opening times: 19:00~23:00, daytime (requires a reservation)

Contact: 090-6414-8830 in Japanese only


Address: Shimane prefecture, Ohchi, Ohnan town, Yakami 1064-14  





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