Kigami Shrine

Looking for love in Iwami? The god of Kigami shrine known as Okuninushi-no-mikoto is the very same as the god of marriage in the famous Izumo Taisha shrine, This god will not only bless your marriage, but also help you find the perfect partner! You'll see heart-shaped wooden plaques covered with hopeful singletons' wishes!

A visit to the Iwami region of Shimane should include some visits to local shrines and temples. Japan is famed for its peaceful places of worship and Kigami shrine is a tangible cultural asset designated by Shimane prefecture. In autumn, trees in are tinged beautifully with red. Red, yellow and orange leave brighten up the shrine. Autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy beautiful scenery here.

Japanese name: 城神神社 Kigami jinja

Address : i1477 Omori-cho, Oda city, Shimane

Access : Bus-takes 26 minutes from Odashi Station

    On foot: it takes 3 minutes from Omoridaikansho-ato bus stop

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Written by Tomomi


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