Camborough is a specialized shop which offers pork. It is located in the “Donchicchi town(どんちっちタウン) near Hamada station. Camborough doesn’t provide meat through a wholesale dealer, so customers can enjoy fresh and high-quality pork anytime.

The standard menu is Tonkatsu -fried pork chops but they also provide some fried shrimps (エビの天ぷら) dishes. There are some kind of rice bowl dishes (丼物), set meals (定食) and for lunch, there is a “this weeks special(週替わりランチ)” which you can enjoy various dishes every week,. You can also enjoy course meal, shabu-shabu(しゃぶしゃぶ), sukiyaki(すきやき) if you make a reservation in advance.
They provide a lot of kind of alcohol, for example Shochu(焼酎)-distilled alcohol made from sweet potato or barley and often has a strong aroma, sake(日本酒), beer which are from overseas, scotch and wine. At night you can enjoy a drink in a fancy atmosphere.
In addition, there is a Birthday course so this place is also good for families and friends to celebrate their special occasions.

At Camborough we can have a “Hamagochi” meal. Only at lunch time, you can enjoy Gochisou-set (五地想セット, a banquet set): 5 kinds of fried food (Pork Fillet, chicken, shrimp, Japanese style pork thigh, vegetable), a small dish of seasonal vegetables, salad, rice (made in Yasaka), soup, and dessert. You don’t need a reservation, but this meal is served only 10 times per day so if you want to eat Gochisou-set with some friends, you might want to make a reservation just to be safe.

Camborough has also a Hamagochi ¥2800 menu, ‘Gochisou-beppin-set’ (五地想べっぴんセット, a beauty-banquet set) : Nabe (なべ, hot pot) with seasonal vegetables, meatballs, slices of pork, Soba (buckwheat noodles), and dessert. There are wolfberry, pine nuts, jujube spices, ginger and ginseng in the hot pot soup. Although the sliced pork and meatballs contain much collagen, which makes your skin moisurized; if you want a collagen ball, you can order it for ¥300.

How to eat Nabe (Hot pot): Put the meatballs and vegetables into the pot with the soup stock. When the meatballs rise to the surface of the soup, they’re ready to eat. Take what you want to eat out of the pot and put it on your own plate. If you like, you can season your meat and vegetables with sesame, garlic or chili. You can eat nuts, ginger, and ginseng, too. When you want to eat a slice of pork, put it into the broth for about 5 seconds or so and then eat it. It’s very soft. There are some white rice cakes on the plate with the vegetables. The rice cakes would become too soft if you put it in the pot for too long, so pay attention to them. If the soup gets too strong, please pour Kombu (kelp) soup from the small kettle. If the soup gets too weak, add more soup from the bigger kettle. After you finish eating all the vegetables and meat, you can enjoy the buckwheat noodles with the leftover soup.

Kenboro is famous with its pork and has delicious fried food menu.
There is a best menu, which you can enjoy two kinds of fried pork and fried shrimp.

Mix fried dish 3100 yen

In front of the restaurant, occasionally they sell the seasonal foods like fruit and veg. If you want them, please enter the restaurant and ask about it. They will invite you in very kindly.

Bunch of pears 100 yen

Address: Kurokawa Cho 4191, Hamada City
Tel: 0855-24-9909
Business hour: 11:00am-2:00pm/5:00pm-8:59pm/9:00pm-11:59
Close: 1st January
The second Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of February and September

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