Vital Vital is a bar, located in Kurokawa-cho, Hamada. It is a quiet, elegant bar, but you can also enjoy good food there....(read more)
Coffee House This is a café which serves bread and drinks. There are so many kinds of bread. It’s pretty cheap and there...(read more)
Marugo Marugo is a Western restaurant and has many kinds of food including pizza, rice omelet, curry and rice, gratin, ...(read more)
Hug・hug 「Hug・hug」opened in June, 2014. It's on Route 9, near Aquas, and has a red roof so you can't miss it. It ...(read more)
Asahi Ten Good Stones [video width="320" height="568" mp4="http://www.iwami-travelguide.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/IMG_0839.mp4"...(read more)
Chinese Restaurant—-Touen
Chinese Restaurant—-Touen Touen (桃園) is a traditional Chinese restaurant. In this restaurant, you can have dumplings, Mapo Tofu, Spicy Eggplant,...(read more)
Senjouen In Hamada, just by the sea, there is a really cool hotel called Senjouen (千畳苑). The best thing about this place is that ...(read more)
Seikoen Seikouen(清香苑) When you go straight from Hamada station, you can see Gintengai(銀天街). There are many restaurants in this ...(read more)
La Nana La Nana is one of the best cake shops in Hamada. It's near Hamada Interchange. The shop is decorated very nicely. ...(read more)
Kitchen Eau-bouche
Kitchen Eau-bouche Kitchen Eau Bouche This restaurant is near Hamada station. Even though it is small, it has a really nice atmosphere! ...(read more)
Cafe Ken
Cafe Ken Ken is an elegant cafe on Route 9 which has many kinds of foods, drinks and desserts. Anyone can relax while drinkin...(read more)
Dosanko (noodle restaurant) West of Hamada, there is a ramen restaurant called “Dosanko”. This restaurant is a chain shop, so there ar...(read more)