Kibiso towel

  Nishijin-ori (西陣織) is a traditional Japanese style of weaving. In Yasaka-taikenmura(弥栄体験村), you can experience nishijin-ori. There are about 11 stafs who teaches us how to weave. They are friendly and you can enjoy talking with them while you’re weaving.

One of the staff taught me about the “KIBISO towel(キビそ肌友だち)”.

100 percent silk is used for Nishijin-ori. When spinning silk from cocoon, there is a hard cocoon which is not used for weaving. Kibiso towel is made from those silks. Because kibiso contains a lot of sericin, kibiso towel is good for our skin. Kibiso towel is excellent for preventing moisture loss so we can protect our skin from dry season.


How to use

1)    Soak kibiso towel into the warm water until it get soft.

2)    Bubbling (crumble the towel until it get slimy )

3)    Wash body or hands gently

4)    Wash the towel and shade-dry after use

You can use the towel for about three month.


Hard type

SS (19.5X20cm)

1,500 yen

S (19.5X60cm)

3,000 yen

M (19.5X80cm)

4,000 yen

L (19.5X100cm)

5,000 yen

Soft type

SS (19.5X25cm)

1,500 yen

L (19.5X105cm)

5,000 yen


You can buy online from here!→


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