If you want to experience Japanese traditional activities and you can’t do so in your daily life, Furusato Taikennmura is good for you. In Furusato Taikenmura you can try many activities. For example, weaving, dyeing, making soba, making mochi and so on. If you are interested in these activities, check out our wesbite.






 “Weaving study though first-hand experience” is held at a factory and the workers at the factory teach us how to weave. They usually make obi for kimono. We can try weaving and practice with an easier loom (weaving machine). The silk threads we use are left-overs after they make obi.

First, I will explain what you have to do at the factory. First, you  choose three colors of threads for weft and the loom you want to weave. Each loom has different warps. It’s difficult to notice when you are finished weaving but if you use the same wraps, the finished product may be different because of the combination of the color of the wefts. The reverse is true as well. Please enjoy the combination of the colors. And then coil the threads up to the bobbin and set the bobbin on the shuttle. Next, the workers will explain how to use the loom. (1) Step on one pedal. There are two pedals under the machine. Choose one of them. (2) Put the shuttle though the warps and make a triangle like this picture. Pay attention to which side the shuttle is put through. Make sure to put it from the side you step the pedal. (3) Step on the other bar. (4) Close the wefts with the reed at the front. That’s all! Then repeat (2), (3), (4).

You can make two items whose sides are just like a place mate. If you want to make a  longer one, you can do that too. And you can change the color of the wefts.

Finally, let me tell you some information about Furusato Taikenmura. If you want to do the “first-hand weaving study experience,” you need to make a reservation. Call Furusato Taikenmura one week before the day you want to do it. And the factory is 10 minutes away from Taikenmura by car. But don’t worry. The staff of Taikenmura will take you to the factory in their car. Additionally, none of the staff can speak fluent English,  either at Furusato Taikenmura and the weaving factory. But the entire staff is really, really friendly and kind. Don’t hesitate. Just copy their actions or go with a Japanese-speaking friend. Why don’t you try weaving?







Furusato Taikenmura

address: 156, 8, Misato, Yasaka, Hamada, Shimane

Business hour: 10:00~20:00

Phone number:0855-48-2612

HP: http://www.yasakataikenmura.jp/

Fee for weaving:3,500 yen. (It takes about 1 and half hours or 2 hours.)

(Yuki U)

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