Dyeing cloth

You can try dyeing a cloth at Furusato Taiken Mura. It takes about 90 minutes and costs 2500 yen for a small group.

1. Boil buckwheat or onion skins. –(A)

2. Design your original cloth.

①    For straight lines

Fold cloth and bind with chopsticks and a rubber band.

②    For circles

Wrap a marble in the cloth and bind it with a rubber band.

③    For small squares

Pinch the cloth with a clothes pin.

3. Soak the cloth in (A) for 15 minutes.

4. Choose a coloring agent. –(B)

5. Soak the cloth in (B) for 15 minutes.

6. Take the cloth out from (B) and wash it in water.

7. Dry the cloth. You can use the wood stove in winter.

*You need to book in advance.


Furusato Taiken Mura(ふるさと体験村)

Address: 156 Misato Yasaka Hamada Shimane 697-1212


Tel: 0855-48-2612

Fax: 0855-48-2307

Open: 10:00am~8:00pm


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