Rum’s Bar Rum’s bar started to provide lunch and coffee. And you can enjoy night time too. There are many kind of drinks. (c...(read more)
Hamada restaurants We are reviewing some of our favourite restaurants in the area and, in particular, those participating in Hamada's 1...(read more)
Gyozushi Goyozushi ~御用鮨~ Goyozushi is a seafood restaurant. This restaurant isn’t well known by everyone, but th...(read more)
Gamu Gamu is a cafe. It takes about one minute on foot from Hamada station to Gamu. If you come out of the station and tur...(read more)
I-sann I went to I-sann (いーさん) to eat dinner. This restaurant is located along route 186. This restaurant serves delicious Ko...(read more)
外観 うどん
Ten Ten (noodle restaurant) Tenten is an Udon (Japanese noodle) restaurant. It is located in the in fro...(read more)
Karaku Italian restaurant There's an Italian restaurant called Karaku in Konya machi. It opened in 2013, but its owner studied cooking in It...(read more)
Hashi Beach This beach is great for swimming and surfing. Unfortunately, it was cloudy on the day we went so our pictures aren'...(read more)
Kashinomi Near the University of Shimane in Hamada, you can find one of the best cake shops in Shimane. It’s called, &lsqu...(read more)
Ahmed ( Indian Restaurant) My favorite restaurant is Ahmed. This is an Indian Curry restaurant. We can eat many kinds of Indian foods the...(read more)
ゼミ ケイン
Miro Bakery Miro is a bakery in Hamada city. A pleasant smell emanates from it every day. It is diagonally opposite Hamada station...(read more)
Hot Spring after skiing? There are some nice places for onsen near Osa Ski Resort. The nearest onsens are at Kinta no sato and Geiho...(read more)