Bar Kagura is a cozy place basing its theme on the Kagura, which is usually about sacred music and dancing in performance at a shrine. If you would like to know information about Kagura and Hamada City, the owner is happy to tell you interesting stories.

The exterior of this bar is very showy with some flags, lanterns and figures. Moreover when you enter the bar, you will see many Kagura goods and pictures of famous Japanese actors on the wall.There are 10 counter seats and 2 tables each for 4 people. The picture above shows huge asari calms with drawings inside of Kagura figures. (a gas lighter in included for a size comparison)This bar is offering Anago-don (grilled sea-eel on the rice bowl) as a Hamagochi special menu and it costs ¥1400.  The set also includes miso-soup, Japanese pickles and juice.  They use fresh sea-eel which is caught from the sea around Hamada.  Many thick, grilled sea-eels are placed on the rice in the dish, and they taste so delicious and they are good for filling your hungry stomach.  They also offer Ebisu-don (sea-bream tempura on a rice bowl) as a Hamagochi menu for ¥800.  You can eat and drink other Hamada foods here so you can enjoy the dishes and drinking.

The place is really near Hamada station; it only takes a minute from the station.  Go to the path beside the police box in front of the station and you can see Kagura soon on your left side.

Address: 56-22 Asai Cho, Hamada City, Shimane, Japan.
Tell: 0855-23-1032
Business hour: 17:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
Closed: On the 15th of each month

By Natsuki and Kaori

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