Iwami silver mine
Iwami silver mine Designated a world heritage site in 2007, this sleepy little village still retains its charm. Wander through i...(read more)
Eating in Iwami Ginzan Restaurants and restrooms There are some good restaurants and few restrooms in this area. Café Nobosemon This ...(read more)
Saishou Temple This temple was founded in 1465. The temple in existence was rebuilt in 1739. This temple has some statues on the roo...(read more)
Gozen-Soba Gozen-Soba (御前そば) Their Soba noodles are made with the water “Sanbyaku-Sui” which is one o...(read more)
Seisui Temple Seisui temple ( 清水寺 ) It takes about 30min by foot from Omori bus stop. TEL:0854-89-0129 Seisui te...(read more)
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Rakanji Temple Gohyaku-Rakan, Rakanji/Money pond Gohyaku-Rakan and Rakanji, the Shingon Buddhism temple, were built in 1776 to hold a ...(read more)
Main street One of the big characteristics of Omori is beautiful Japanese-old landscape. On the main street of Omori you can see a l...(read more)