Sanbe Burger


      Ohda city is famous for its nature, which can be found in abundance at nearby Mt. Sanbe.  In Ohda city, very near the Shimane Nature Museum of Mt. Sanbe, there is a nice hamburger place. This restaurant really follows local production for local consumption.  All the ingredients used to make the hamburgers here are from Shimane, and the tasty patties are made from Shimane beef and pork.  Char-grilled patties are featured in all hamburgers.


    The standard menu item is the Sanbe Burger, but there are about six other hamburgers you can order as well.  (Egg burger, Bacon burger, Tomato burger, Cheese burger, Wasabi burger, Special burger, and Limited-Time specials per season.)  A standard size Sanbe burger costs 600yen, but you can choose a smaller one for 400yen.

    In addition to hamburgers, the shop also serves some sweets (Strawberry parfait, blueberry yoghurt, berry berry honey toast) and a Japanese-style “Hamburg lunch” (hamburg patty with rice or bread, salad and soup.)

       On your way out the door, you can pause to buy some souvenirs in the shop such as wasabi mayonnaise or specialty goods from Shimane.


–  〒694-0003 , Tane 1125-1, Sanbe-cho ,Ohda City, Shimane prefecture
–  0854-86-0200

【Business hour】
–  10:00~17:00


【Access (How to get to Ohda city) 】

     – (Website of Ohda city/Japanese)


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