Cafe Bar Roan

When you come to Japan on vacation, you must try local Japanese food. Iwami is on the sea of Japan coast, and it's famed for its seafood. Traditional Japanese with a modern twist, Cafe Bar Roan is set in a century-old house in the main onsen street of Yuntosu. Exposed dark timbers, whitewashed walls, mid-century chairs, a terrace for sunny days, a large party space on the second floor, this cafe is worth a visit for the decor alone!  Their blog has some great pictures of the interior.

Roan is open from 6 pm to midnight but they have pages of non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks if you have to drive home so you can enjoy dinner here even if you don't stay over in Yunotsu. (It's about a 35-minute drive from the Hamada exit of the highway.)

We combined our visit with a night-time performance of Iwami kagura in the shrine a few 100 metres along the street. Dinner for 6 (with only two of us enjoying one glass of local Kaishun sake each) came to just over 11000 yen so it's pretty reasonable. You can get pasta, pizza, lots of side dishes such as creamed crab croquettes, salads, and cucumber in home-made miso.
(Watch out for the unsignposted 2cm drop into the loo behind the shiny red door!)

TEL-FAX 0855-65-2777 (Japanese only) E-mail in Japanese only 

Open 6 pm to midnight, except Tuesdays.

Last food order: 11 pm

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