Ani no kitchen

"Ani no kitchen" has varied menus and you can enjoy eating  fish or meat, tempura and so on. Not only big drinker but also light drinkers can enjoy drinking here. In this restaurant, there are many choices of drinks. There are also original one such as Chu-Hai of Unshu Orange(温州みかん), or Mango cocktail with tomato vinegar.

"Ani no kitchen" is located about 1.5km from Hamada station, or about 20 to 30 minutes on foot from the station. The nearest bus stop, "Shinmachi."(新町). It takes just a few minutes walk from the bus stop.
There isn't a big sign and this place is not on a main street. So it is difficult to find for beginners. Look out for the curtain  in the top picture. It's a small restaurant with a very good and relaxed atmosphere. A connoisseur would know that this drinking place is such a nice place to have dinner and enjoy a drink.

If you want to  spend time with your friends in a relaxed and quiet place, this is the best place. Especially for someone who is particular about food, I really recommend this place.

"menu of the day: pretty hard to read.."

"horse sashimi"


Ani no Kitchen (兄のきっちん)

Place: 45 Nishiki town, Hamada city, Shimane
Open: about 17:30 ~ 24:30 (differs from day to day)
Closed: Sunday & Monday
Tel: 0855-23-1121
There is no space for parking
Average budget: 3,000yen ~

(Written by Tomoharu)

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