If you want to enjoy fresh seafood which is famous in Hamada city at a homey Japanese style restaurant, then Osamu is one of the best places you can go. Osamu has many kinds of sashimi(さしみ:fresh raw fish) such as anpachi(かんぱち:amberjack), tako(たこ:octopus), ika (いか:squid), azi(あじ: horse mackerel) and saba(さば:mackerel).

Although they serve really unique and delicious dishes, we recommend saba-no-nikuinabe (鯖の煮食い鍋). It’s part of the Hamagochi project. This dish is a kind of nabe、or one-pot cooking, which is seasoned with soy sauce. You can enjoy mackerel, Japanese radish, tofu, soft seaweed, konjaku, turban shell, soft roe of balloon fish (only in winter) and onion. It costs 1400 yen. They serve another Hamagochi dish which is angler fish nabe and your choice of beverage. It is 2800 yen. All of the fish dishes are very fresh because they are caught in  the Sea of Japan near Hamada.

You can also enjoy teppan-yaki (鉄板焼き: stir-fried dish on a hot plate) and nabe. For example, yasai-itame-teppannyaki (野菜いため鉄板焼き: stir-fried vegetables), gyu-horumon-nabe (牛ホルモン鍋:a kind of nabe which is made from beef offal), gyu-horumon-yaki (牛ホルモン焼き: stir-fried dish of beef offal) and so on. There are also some fried fish dishes you can choose from including mackerel, plaice (which is famous in Hamada), and tilefish.

This restaurant is not so big, but it is well-known in Hamada and in other prefectures as well. It appeared in a magazine. You don’t need a reservation, but the staff is mostly older people who can’t speak English.

address:71, Manten, Hamada, Shimane


Business hours : 5 pm ~ 9:30 pm

Closed on Sundays

No parking lot.


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