Cafeggeno In front of Kintano sato, there is a café which has a gorgeous glassed-in wall. It is a popular cafe in Hamada, which ...(read more)
Fureai Gym Kanagi
Fureai Gym Kanagi Kanagi is little bit far from center of Hamada city. In this area you can see it remained rich forest and nature. It mak...(read more)
Foot therapy Kinta no Ashi Foot therapy Kinta no Ashi is a good place where we can relax through foot therapy, or reflexology. It’s located i...(read more)
Ryuunji (Cloud Dragon Temple) Ryuunji is a Soto Zen temple, which was found...(read more)
Sekushu-Washi Kaikan Sekishu-Washi Kaikan(石州和紙会館)” is a place where we can experience making washi and learn culture and history of Sek...(read more)
Misumi Park Misumi Park (Misumi Bairin Park) There is a good place in Misumi Cho, Hamada City… Next to Misum...(read more)
Misumi shrine ...(read more)
Sekishu-Washi ~Making traditional paper activity~ &...(read more)
Maruco & Isseiro MARUCO (マルコ) is an Italian restaurant in Misumi, Hamada. Near Misumi city hall, you will find a lovely building which ha...(read more)
Misumi power station
Misumi power station Our life relies on thermal power and nuclear power for electricity. As you know, however a huge earthquake hit...(read more)
Sekisho Art museum This museum was built for Sho Ishimoto(石本正) who is a famous Japanese artist. He sent his works to Misumi and this museum...(read more)
Hotels near Hamada Station
Hotels near Hamada Station Hamada station is the main station in Hamada city. All San-in trains stop at this station. The station has an express...(read more)