Aquas – Penguin residence More than 500,000 people visit this huge aquarium every year. It is the largest institution in Shimane which displays ...(read more)
hashi beach
Hashi beach Hashi beach is a very popular beach in the Iwami region. This beach is located in Iwami Seaside Park. From Aquas,...(read more)
Restaurant Iruka There is restaurant called Iruka, or dolphin, next to Aquas. Don't worry: it doesn't serve dolphin. It’s g...(read more)
Aquas ( aquarium)
Aquas ( aquarium) The aquarium is one of the largest in Western Japan, and houses over 10,000 sea creatures, in addition to a large group ...(read more)
Kamuri & Koraku Ichi Kamuri (香夢里) isthe first restaurant you will see at Kobokuno Mori. It islocated at the top ...(read more)
European Herb Garden In Koboku no mori, there is an herb garden. Depending on the season, you can enjoy different kinds of herbs. &nbs...(read more)
Craft Kan in Koboku no mori (香木の森クラフト館) Craft Kan is a place where people can buy and make original items from natural materials such as essential oils, dried f...(read more)
Accommodation in Mizuho
Accommodation in Mizuho There is a nice place for "camping" in Mizuho. It is located in Koboku no mori where you c...(read more)
Camborough Camborough is a specialized shop which offers pork. It is located in the “Donchicchi town(どんちっちタウン) near Hamada statio...(read more)
Takohatsu restaurant Takohatu dining room (たこ初食堂) is located near Lawson, a convenience store, Lawson, in the Kataniwa area of Hamada. You ca...(read more)
Beijing Fandian
Beijing Fandian If you want to enjoy Chinese food, why don't you try Beijing Fandian? It is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Ha...(read more)
Cafe Michele “Café Michele” is popular for its delicious food, drinks, and its relaxing atmosphere. Café...(read more)