Yamabuki Green Farm

Yamabuki Green Farm in the remote village of Muikaichi has a beautiful garden. In fall, it is full of sunflowers, and in spring they grow yellow canola flowers.  You can also enjoy a light lunch and chocolate, marmalade, and caramel flavour ice-cream at their cafe. Best of all, you can make pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese made with milk from the cows on the farm. The owners have four cows, and so not only can you drink fresh milk, but you can also make mozzarella cheese with it.







The owners don’t speak English but they said that they are happy to try to explain how to make pizza and mozzarella in simple Japanese. They have lived in Muikaichi their whole their lives, and love the town. They are so kind and they want visitors to enjoy the town and the farm. So you will be warmly welcomed.

If you’re having language troubles, just look at the information below for a rough guide.

How to make pizza in a plastic bottle


Butter 10g

Sugar 3g

Yeast 5g

Salt 3g

Warm water 65cc

 Make pizza dough using a plastic bottle

1 Put all the ingredients into a plastic bottle, and shake it for about 20 minutes.



2 Warm it to body temperature and let it rest for a while.



3 Making mozzarella cheese



 Churn 500ml milk slowly in the same way in a pan, add vinegar when the milk is from 63 to 65 degree. When the cheese sets, take it out of the pan and knead it in hot water. Lastly put the cheese in salt water.






4 Take the dough out from the bottle, and flatten it into a pizza shape. Make some marks on the dough with a fork.



5 Decorate the dough with pizza sauce and topping ingredients, including the cheese.





6 Bake for 8 minutes in the oven in the café




Making pizza with mozzarella cheese costs ¥2,700

Making pizza only costs ¥1620


Cafe menu

Set (Coffee or milk, chiffon cake, Ice cream) ¥600

Milk Tofu with Wasabi soy sauce (made with milk from cows in the farm) ¥200

Rice noodle with milk soup ¥800 (Made from an ancient grain)

Ancient rice noodle with Japanese-inspired soup ¥600

Soft ice-cream ¥300

Ice cream – marmalade, chocolate or caramel flavor ¥350

Gelato ¥260

Rice ball – pickled plum or seaweed ¥130

Fresh Milk ¥200



Place : 287, Higuchi, Yoshiga-cho, Kanoashi-gun

Open : Saturday, Sunday and some Holiday

Tel (Fax) : 0856-77-1012 (in Japanese only(

Cell phone : 080-1915-4298, 080-1913-9467

Sometimes the owners cannot get to the phone because they are farming, or  due to poor reception. So they kindly said to please leave a message in Japanese, and they will call you back. (They don’t speak English, so please only leave messages in Japanese.)135128

written by Tomomi

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