Osa Ski Resort


Technically, Osa ski resort is just over the border into Hiroshima prefecture, but it is at the edge of Kanagi. You can combine a day's skiing with an onsen at Hot Springs in Kanagi and dinner at one of the restaurants in the are.

Penguins go walkies!

One of the unique things at this ski resort is that penguins have a stroll there.  They take a walk two or three times a day.  There are eight days when you have a chance to meet cute penguins during the ski season. (This season (2013), the dates are January 12th, 13th, 26th, 27th and February 9th, 10th, 23rd, 24th.)  During this event, people can see the penguins up close.  Also, you can touch and feel the penguins’ feathers!  It’s really interesting that people can get so close to a penguin rather than going to an aquarium or a zoo.

Ski slopes for everyone from children to advanced skiers!


This ski resort provides five slopes with six lifts. Two of them are for beginners. Beginner courses have gentle slops (10 degree average) and they are 400m wide, so they are good for beginners and children to practice skiing and snowboarding. Of course there are slopes for advanced skiers and snowboarders too. Advanced courses have steeper slopes (28 degree max), but they have detours so everyone from beginners to advanced skiers/ snowboarders can have fun!

If you are beginner…

<<Two hours training for skiing>>

Adult (Over 12 years old) / Child (Under 12 years old)

3,000 yen                   5,000 yen      *You need reservation

<<Two hours training for snowboarding>>

Adult (Over 12 years old) / Child (Under 12 years old)

3,000 yen                   5,000 yen      *You need reservation

Instructors will teach you how to ski or snowboard!

*Osa ski school (Tel) 0826-35-0038


Lift tickets!

Operating hours and fees:

             Weekend/Holidays      Weekdays                                            .

                        ¥4,000                                               .

One day pass    Adult                 ¥4,800         (+Lunch ticket)   8:00am~5:00pm

         Child (Under 12) ¥2,500               ¥2,000           8:00am~5:00pm

Night ticket     Adult                 ¥2,000             ¥2,000        4:00pm~9:00pm

        Child (Under 12)     ¥1,500             ¥1,500        4:00pm~9:00pm

Five single-use tickets                 ¥1,900             ¥1,900        8:00am~9:00pm

One ticket                               ¥400               ¥400         8:00pm~9:00pm

Equipment rentals!

Weekend/Holidays     Weekdays          Night  .

Ski/ Snowboard set      Adult                 ¥3,500           ¥3,000       ¥2,000

             Child (Under 12)     ¥2,500            ¥2,000       ¥1,500

    Skiwear      Adult                 ¥3,500            ¥3,000       ¥2,000

              Child (Under 12)     ¥2,500            ¥2,000       ¥1,500

Skis or a SnowBoard     Adult                 ¥2,000            ¥2,000          −   

              Child (Under 12)     ¥1,500            ¥1,500           −    

The Equipment Rental House is located next to the main building in Osa Ski Resort.

Business hours: 7:30am~5:00pm (Weekdays)

6:00am~5:00pm (Weekends/Holidays)

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