Umeno mise

A visit to the Iwami region of Shimane should include some local cuisine. Japan is famed for its delicious food and Umeno Mise ( Look for the sign. うめの店)       is no exception. It is a restaurant and cafe in Iwami Ginzan, serving fresh, local fish and vegetables, and some unusual ice-cream favours. You can choose from several weird flavours of ice-cream: wasabi or greenhorse radish paste or vanilla or black sesame.  . Iwami is famous as a good place to grow green horseradish. So give it try!15056509_551962418326766_1227005307709240610_n15056293_551962348326773_7415294224469477989_n15095688_551962351660106_2185524461978821920_n


The building is in the old Japanese style so you can take some great pictures while you eat. You can eat lunch and sweets on the first or second floor while enjoying the view.


MENU (including tax)

Deep fried sardine ¥900

Deep-fried chicken ¥900

Deep-fried pork cutlet ¥900

Hot buckwheat noodles ¥900

Hot wheat noodles ¥900

Omelet rice (with salad) ¥800

The menu is written in both Japanese and English. If you want to drink coffee or tea after lunch, it costs half the usual price. When you have a refill of rice, it only costs an additional ¥100. Good for travelling on a budget!15079049_551962331660108_5167467393201779981_n15032891_551962381660103_3894763290226604851_n15032749_551962384993436_4195017822146915023_n


Address: 〒694-0305,  ha58 Omori-cho Oda city, Shimane

Tel: 0854-89-0577 (in Japanese only)

Open: 10:00~17:00(16:30  is last orders )

Closed: on Tuesdays ※when Tuesday is a national holiday, the following day is closed

Parking: None. Use the car park at the bottom of the main road, or at the World Heritage Site.

Written by Tomomi

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