Kun is a café where you can get fresh waffles and nice coffee. It is located in Asahi-cho Hamada, and is on the first floor of the apartment called “ALTA”.

Kun sells not only foods but also brand products such as LOUIS VUITTON and GUCCI, sundry goods, postcards, note books and so on.



*Plain Waffle 300 yen/ with drink 580 yen

*Blue berry waffle served with vanilla ice cream 510 yen/ with drink 790 yen

*Chocolate waffle with chocolate syrup served with Pocky and vanilla ice cream 510 yen/ with drink 790 yen

*Chocolate banana waffle served with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream 530 yen/ with drink 820 yen

*Matcha azuki waffle served with vanilla and Japanese tea flavored ice cream and red bean paste (azuki) 530 yen/ with drink 820 yen

≪Seasonal waffles≫

*Strawberry waffle with vanilla ice cream 510 yen/ with drink 790 yen

≪Drink menu≫

Coffee, tea, iced coffee, iced tea, orange juice…420 yen each.

*STORE HOURS: 10:00am-6:30pm.  Thursday closed.

*Parking: There are parking spaces for two cars.

*Tel:  0855-24-1212  kun地図(Japanese only)

Aiko, Yuki

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