Kinta no Sato ( hot spring and restaurant) This attraction is at Kanagi in Hamada. There are some places to relax such as hot spring, a restaurant and a break ro...(read more)
Cafes in Hamada Cafe Michele Hamadahas lots of good places to eat. “Café Michele” is popular for its delicious...(read more)
Hamada Children’s Museum of Art This is the biggest museum in Hamada. There are many pictures and most of them are displayed at children's eye leve...(read more)
Yuhi Park and Osakana center
Yuhi Park and Osakana center Hamada city is surrounded by mountains and faces the Sea of Japan. This is why this city is famous for its delicious f...(read more)
Mount Sankai In Hamada, there are a lot of hills and mountains but Mt. Sankai is one of the symbols of Hamada city. The height ...(read more)
Arifuku Arifuku onsen or hot spring is a small village, just a collection of streets really, lined with retro hot sp...(read more)
Hamada Hamada is the largest town in the Iwami region. The sites are quite spread out but there is a good network of buses. If ...(read more)